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TCI provides cutting-edge solutions to your teleconferencing needs, thanks to its top professional AV technicians and conference interpreters.

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TCI offers you the most suitable remote interpreting and multilingual teleconferencing technologies, at a level that matches the conditions of a live conference

Our raison d’être

During a multilingual conference call, it can be difficult and time consuming to use consecutive interpreting, as it effectively doubles the duration of the call and breaks the flow of conversation. On the other hand, resorting to the use of a lingua franca like English can limit participants’ ability to fully engage in a conversation and can often lead to costly misunderstandings.

Our interpreters

No teleconference or remote interpretation session can be a real success without truly professional interpreters.

Not only our interpreters are accredited by the Federal government or professional associations, like ATIO or AIIC, but they are also specifically trained to apply the best teleconference practices to your events.

They are taught all the tricks of the trade, like how to best use the equipment, how to cope with technical issues, and how to give the best service to a remote client in all circumstances.

Our technical service

All our teleconferences and remote interpretation sessions are fully operated by a technician, from our facilities, who can adjust the volume for each participant and mute their microphones when it becomes necessary to cancel interference noises. This procedure helps the chairperson to maintain an orderly and professional meeting.

Many of our clients want to record their conference calls, whether to play it back for absent colleagues, to use the material for training purposes, for legal requirements, or to generate a transcript. It is now possible and made easy with TCI Solutions.

Remote interpretation and virtual town hall meetings

Through a series of partnerships, TCI has acquired the technical means to provide you with a solid remote interpretation solution for your regular and virtual town hall meetings.

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Secure conference calls for sensitive meetings …

… with TCI’s softwares and best practices.

Whether they are to take part in a reservation or reservationless conference, each participant has his or her own identity in the system, and only users invited by the host are allowed into a secure conference call.

Better risk management through redundancy.

TCI has acquired state-of-the-art equipment, and, in order to minimise the risk of downtime, we contracted two major telecommunication companies to provide us with fiber optic services.

Furthermore, within less than a millisecond, a high performing Modem selects the fastest network, thus ensuring a smooth and reliable connection at all times.

What is TCI?

TCI is a trailblazing company in the fields of remote interpreting, conference interpreting, event management, translation, editing and legal writing.

TCI was created to meet the growing demand of the market for turnkey operations, from writing and translation needs to event organising and conference interpretation.

TCI excels in all fields because it is built around core expert teams working under the same roof and sharing best practices.

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